Hack-AutoLogout Version 0.9.9 RC1
Date: Monday, April 18, 2005 @ 12:53 AM CDT
Topic: Nuke Addons

NukeKorea released Auto Logout Hack in public.Auto Logout Hack allows your site users to login when they leave your sites. This Hack adds-on has the following primary purposes:
  • Secure logout by default
  • Protect site users' account information
    Auto Logout Hack has the following features
  • Site Level: Administrator's option to activate/deactivate auto-logout
  • Site Level: Duration control in Admin level
  • Individual User Level: Activate/deactivate their auto logout
  • Individual User Level: set duration for auto-logout.
    Download: http://www.nukekorea.net(Registration Required)
    Technical Discussion: http://www.nukekorea.net/modules.php?name=Forums&file=index&c=92
    Installation Manual: Tutorial
    Credit & Contribution: Shanghi (NukeKorea ID) - Beta Testing & Suggestion

    Even though AutoLog Hack by NukeKorea Dev. Network is released under GPL 2.0 license, we do not allow commercial purpose sites to install and use this hack. This hack was developed only for free & non-commerical purpose nukers. Read License Terms & Do not remove copyrights statement. If you'd like to emilinate copyrights, you are supposed to contact FIRST with NukeKorea Dev. Network.

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