GCY Theme pack for the public out now!
Date: Sunday, April 24, 2005 @ 10:02 PM CDT
Topic: Nuke Themes

GCY comes out this week with a new great Flash theme released to the public. Some of the features are: Flash header with slogans, Set these how you like, Light Flash in the blocks, Light flash in the storytitles, Light flash Menu navigation, phpbb templates.

Preview the theme here, ( registration required ) to download any theme.

Grancanariayoungsters almost exists one year! now with nearly one million pageviews,
Thnx to all community,
a big thnk you from me!
BTW Also a new theme is out in the digital goods section,
it`s calles Plasma Motors and is very cool,
Come and pay us a visit,
Grancanariayoungsters ,themes, themes and themes for PHP-Nuke.

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