Nuke 7.7 Patched 3.0
Date: Friday, April 29, 2005 @ 5:09 PM CDT
Topic: PHP-Nuke

The latest patch for PHP-Nuke 7.7

Note: Nuke Patched is not intended for upgrading a previous version of PHP-Nuke, it only includes the files that have been patched, you need to get the normal version at first before you can use the patch, in essence this particular patch is meant for PHP-Nuke 7.7, you need to have PHP-Nuke 7.7 installed first before you add this patch.
Nuke Patched 3.0 is only available for PHP-Nuke 7.7 for the time being

Download here.

Updated to include a fix to javascript.php and the addition of version 2.0 of the Journal module.

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