PHP 2.1 Ready for download!
Date: Thursday, May 05, 2005 @ 10:44 PM CDT
Topic: PHP-Nuke Platinum

Release the new version of PNC! The version 2.1.0

With VWAR & Server Viewer installed on it! The installation are simplified, more block for VWAR and JAG Online for the User Info blocks! This kit come with a wonderfull theme created by SDDesign!
PNC 2.1.0
Theme of PHPNUKE-CLAN created by SDDesign
PNC 2.1.0 + Bonus Pack Themes
coming with 4 more themes created by SDDesign for PHPNUKE-CLAN
Call Of Duty - World Of WarCraft -Unreal Tournament - Guild Wars
I want to say thank you to SlashDot from SDDesign for the collaboration with us and the group TechGFX for the creation of PHP-Nuke Platinum

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