Nuke 6.5 beta 6 Web Installer
Date: Sunday, January 26, 2003 @ 3:58 PM CST
Topic: Nuke Code Hacks

This file will install all required database tables for a fresh installation of PHP-Nuke 6.5 beta 6, simply enter your database login info on config.php, upload all Nuke files, then upload this file to Nuke's main directory last direct your web browser to this file (e.g.

Totally recoded with new features which make it an interactive tool to populate the tables or test your settings in config.php.
New features include:
  • Lists existing database tables if any.
  • Install tables on a empty database.
  • Replace existing tables with new ones.
  • Create duplicate tables for a second nuke site using one database by using a different prefix in config.php.
  • Will help you troubleshoot installation by testing connection to the MySQL server and selection of database.
  • Splatt Forums were removed from Nuke beta 6, if you still want to have both forums all files for Splatt are included and the installer will give you an option to install its database tables.
Credit goes out to Humpa for providing the connection test code and ArtificialIntel for beta testing. --View Screenshot-- -- Download --

The Splatt Forums files included belong to version 4.0 and include AI's missing language constant's and avatar path fix as well as the editpost fix found in our downloads section, files have been modified to work with nuke 6.5 beta 6.

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