PHP-Nuke 6.7 HardCoded
Date: Thursday, August 07, 2003 @ 9:58 AM CDT
Topic: PHP-Nuke

Hello Nukers,
This version of phpnuke have been hardcoded by our experimental tool NUKEHardcoder.
All the defines have been substituted by their values, and any call to the get_lang function have been commented.
The only part that have not been modified are relative to the phpBB team.
Their modules use an array for the language variable and we are working on to support in the near future.
The modules that have'nt been hardcoded are Forums, Members_List and Private_Messages.
The mainfile.php have been also modified to force the $lang variable.
Your can download this version here: PHP-Nuke 6.7.1 Harcoded.
Your can also visit us at Official French community website: !
We hope that you enjoy this version and it increase the speed of your site, Good Nuke !

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