NukeBugs Launched
Date: Sunday, August 10, 2003 @ 10:20 PM CDT
Topic: Nuke Community

After many developers asked, I have decided to make the NukeScripts bug report system open to developers that wish to have a central location for a tracking system.

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If you are a developer and wish to use NukeBugs as your Bug Reporting system simply goto and register. Then email me using the same email address that is attached to the account with:
1) a list of your projects you want to list.
2) version numbers of the projects (you can have multiple version numbers per project)
3) description of the projects

I will get you added as a developer so your users can start reporting bugs in an easy to use system.

Please note that this is NOT a PHP-Nuke bug reporting system! This is only for developers of addons, themes, mods, and tweaks.

this system will also support listing projects to selected users thru a groups system, prefect for allowing only users that have purchased a script to report a bug. If you as a developer need a group setup let me know. I will also setup the group and the users you need in it once they register at the site.

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