PHP-Nuke Tools v3.00
Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 @ 11:00 PM CDT
Topic: Nuke Addons

PHP-Nuke Tools have been update to version 3.00, it has the same features as before, such as HTML to PHP, HTML to ASP, HTML to JSP, HTML to Perl, HTML to JavaScript, Module Creator, Block Creator, Help for Module Creator, Help for Block Creator, Online HTML Editor, Meta Tag Creator, Scrollbar Creator, Popup Creator, Hex Colors(Updated thanks to VinDSL)
plus seven new ones
HTML to SWS*, Previewer*, Source Encoder*, HTML Encoder*, URL Encoder*, Email Encoder*, Rot-13*.
Preview it here, Download it here (No Registration is required)
Translated by Nukefrance into French, Dea into Italian, FLASH-FOR-NUKE into German, into Russian, MyScripts & Math into Chinese.

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