MdesignPc theme pack/ theme cpanel released
Date: Sunday, August 24, 2003 @ 8:32 PM CDT
Topic: Nuke Themes

Hello nukers, from my past couple months of experience with developing themes for nuke. Along the way I try to see what users want and what I can do to make my themes better and easier, user friendly for those that don't have much time to edit a theme. I like to share with the community, my simple theme cpanel with this theme release. The links and built-in message display for this theme is configured from admin. panel inside your nuke. To change links on the header, simply edit settings in theme cpanel then click save, much faster and easier than having to use a text editor to edit theme files. For details read more, or use the following links.
Demo Site
Register free of course and enjoy!
ps.From now on with this theme and every theme after, my themes will be using my theme cpanel so this cpanel will never go to waste

This theme has some new features: -Built-in message box that can display messages for your viewers right on the header
-Fading effect using java on the message box, crossbrowser supported.
-Matching phpbb template of course
-Own Theme Control panel interface inside admin panel for settings to change links, lables for the links, the message box.
-Never need to open any file inside the theme itself, simply edit in admin panel, click save and done.
Footer extends depending on your footer message size and if banner is activated or not so never have to worry about footer going out of place
Theme tested on nuke 6.5 6.8 and 6.9 under browsers IE+6, netscape, mozilla.
viewed under resolution 800 x 600 , 1024 x 768

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