ATTN: Music & Games lovers
Date: Friday, October 31, 2003 @ 12:04 PM CST
Topic: Nuke Community

I have launched two new sites. One about music and the other one about games. To run these two new site i am currently looking for people who know alot about music and games. Music site will cover every type of music, from Hip-Hop to Rock & Roll and from Rock & Roll to Country. Just like that game site will cover all the games, from PC to Xbox and from Xbox to Game Boy.
For these site i need people who can write reviews on artists, CD's, games, etc.
So, if you like to be apart of one or both of these sites please register and let me know what part of the site you are intersted in.

Music Site :: Music.nUCLEArcENTURy.COm
Game Site :: Games.nUCLEArcENTURy.COm

You can also email me at

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